Miami Marlins could take a cue from division rivals to create more fans

Should The Fish do what Philly and the Mets have done?
Sandy Alcantara
Sandy Alcantara / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

The Trade Deadline is coming up and there are some players that the Miami Marlins are going to be trading away. With the important month of June leading to more losing, this season is basically lost. This isn't going to be good for the fanbase, making me think that the team needs to do more for the fans going forward.

Should the Miami Marlins play some games in other countries?

The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets played a series in London earlier this month. The English fans saw the likes of NL MVP candidate Bryce Harper hit home runs. It was a fun and unique experience, that was a great idea by the Major Leagues to do. This was historic and got pretty good feedback. It's unclear if either of the Miami Marlins' division rivals will get more fans from this. Especially from a country that isn't particularly interested in the sport traditionally.

Of course, The Fish have nothing to lose. So why not try something like this as well? Now obviously it's not simply up to the team, Major League Baseball will have to want to do it. Assuming that they want to do this again...just think of the possibilities. There's quite a few to say the least...

The international series doesn't have to take place in London. It could take place in many different places and I have some intriguing place ideas. How about Mexico City? Or how about another Mexican city in Monterrey in northern Mexico? Mexico is a growing market for the game of baseball and a series there would be pretty interesting. It could certainly get more fans to cheer for The Fish.

How about Seoul, South Korea? What about a series there? That would be intriguing as well. I would really like the idea of The Fish playing in some location that doesn't normally see Major League games, but has enough of a foundation for the game and the team to gain some fans. I strongly believe that playing international games would be a good idea for the Miami Marlins and the fans.

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