The most important month for the Miami Marlins season is June

Do The Fish have any chance left to make the playoffs?
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are not having the greatest season in franchise history to say the least. The team is clearly dedicated to winning and will be trying to somehow make up ground in the standings. The Fish are currently at 21-40 and are 21.5 games out of first place in the NL East. The team is also 9.0 games out of the final Wild Card spot. If the playoffs are completely out of the question, there's still a chance to improve at the Trade Deadline too...

Can the Miami Marlins save the season in June?

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. might be an early MVP candidate (or at least an All-Star Game candidate). 3B Jake Burger is finally heating up and with the pitching usually good (despite yesterday's game), there is still potential... We can forget about the division at this point, let's just be realistic. The Wild Card doesn't seem very likely either, but as long as The Fish are not officially eliminated...

The June schedule is so tough, that The Fish will either crash and be officially deadline sellers, or have a surprising chance to still make up some ground. Taking a look at the schedule of upcoming games it's not pretty. Another game with the Tampa Bay Rays is tonight, then the weekend will see the team host the AL Central leading Cleveland Guardians for three games.

June 11-16 will see a road trip with three games against the New York Mets and then the Washington Nationals. While neither team is particularly god, those are both road series. June 17-19 sees The Fish hosting the St. Louis Cardinals for three games, followed by the Seattle Mariners from June 21-23. St. Louis has been playing better as of late and Seattle is leading the AL West.

It's the end of the month that scares me the most. June 24-30 sees two difficult 3-game road series in a row. The Kansas City Royals (second place in the AL Central and leading the top AL Wild Card spot), and then the NL East leading Philadelphia Phillies. I feel as if those two series will put an exclamation point on the season. This schedule fittingly ends in June, followed by two early July series against the Boston Red Sox and then the Chicago White Sox. Two likely easier series. With July starting at that point, the Miami Marlins will know what to do by the Trade Deadline.

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