Miami Marlins Trade Deadline options can beef up the farm

The Fish have some options to trade
Tanner Scott
Tanner Scott / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
facebooktwitterreddit recently wrote an early look at the Trade Deadline and listed some players who they expect the Miami Marlins to trade. The upcoming July draft should increase The Fish's chances to improve the farm, but the Trade Deadline should serve as extra help in developing a winning team.

The Miami Marlins have some trade chips according to

It's sadly not a surprise to say that the Miami Marlins are unlikely to go to the playoffs this season. This makes the team's upcoming free agents prime targets for trades. The article specifically lists four names as prospectively traded players.

Elite 2023 closer Tanner Scott is the obvious one on the list. The free agent after the season was the best relief pitcher in the game last season based on WAR. He hasn't been as good this season to say the least, but he offers enough tantalizing strikeout ability and last season's results to warrant a nice return. Relief pitchers are always in demand at the Trade Deadline and Scott should be high up on that list.

The article also mentions 1B Josh Bell. Bell is on a high $16.5 million salary for the year and is also an upcoming free agent. Based on his inconsistency and lack of defensive ability, he's unlikely to be in high demand. Personally, barring a monster hitting streak come the deadline, I don't see him being moved without The Fish eating almost his entire salary. I don't envision a high return back either.

SP Jesus Luzardo has been mentioned as a prospective trade candidate too. I actually already came up with some ideas for good trades involving him. I don't want Luzardo to be traded and don't necessarily expect it to happen. That said, he's a free agent after the 2026 season and there's no need to rush into a trade.

DH Bryan De La Cruz has been mentioned as a surprising trade candidate. He's not a free agent until after the 2027 season. He is however arbitration eligible after the season, which is why he was mentioned as a trade candidate. I don't see him being traded at all myself.

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