The Miami Marlins have some intriguing draft options

The MLB draft is coming up soon!
Peter Bendix
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The MLB Draft is coming up in July and the Miami Marlins are picking 16'th in the first round. I already talked a bit about the upcoming draft and this gives The Fish a great opportunity to improve the farm system. Who can The Fish draft? Are there hidden gems? Let's take a look at the updated list.

The Miami Marlins have the 16'th pick in the upcoming MLB Draft.

Sadly, the Miami Marlins will almost certainly miss out on the top prospect 2B Travis Bazzana. The 21 year old Australian has an advanced bat and projects to be a star in the Majors, if all goes well for him of course. Since The Fish are picking 16'th (ugh) it makes more sense to look at the players likely to go at that spot.

SS Bryce Rainer is ranked 10'th and there's a chance that the High Schooler can fall to The Fish. The 18 year old has power and potential, though being a high schooler he's a bit risky. 3B/OF Seaver King is a speedster and good defender who is ranked 13'th. I'm not as high on him due to the bat, but he's intriguing based on the speed.

A pair of third basemen are at #14 and #15 on the list: Cam Smith and Tommy White. White is a 21 year old with a ton of power, so he's my preferred pick out of the players rated #10 and lower. Smith is from Florida, but he seems to be more about defense than hitting. The Fish need good hitting the most right now.

At exactly #16 is OF James Tibbs from Florida. He's a good hitter, but is struggling with hitting breaking balls. That's concerning and why I prefer others to him, but it would be nice if his hitting could be improved. I would love for more Florida players in the system.

There are some High School pitchers rated between the 12-18 spots, but I would prefer that Peter Bendix stay away from risky picks and focus on college bats instead. We'll have to wait until the actual draft to see who the Miami Marlins select.

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