Miami Marlins first base trade target

Bobby Dalbec
Bobby Dalbec / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need to improve the offense. An upgrade at first base might be necessary with the injury-prone Garrett Cooper reaching free agency after the season. I talked about Cooper before and have been critical of him as a first baseman. Cooper has been pretty solid this season, but has already been injured and is once again a free agent after this season. It doesn't make much sense for The Fish to commit to him long-term considering his age and health. What about another option long-term?

The Miami Marlins could target Bobby Dalbec as a long-term first base option.

The Boston Red Sox are moving on from Bobby Dalbec. They no longer see him as a core piece, or a first base option long-term. They are also actively trying to trade him, this has to be intriguing to the Miami Marlins. Dalbec used to be a top prospect for Boston, and it's at least possible for him to eventually live up to his potential.

Bobby Dalbec has a career 91.4 Exit Velocity. He has an amazing 95.0 one in a short sample size this season. In short, the guy has a lot of power. The problem is the results however. He batted .263/.359/.600 in 23 games and 80 AB in 2020. The OBP was excellent and so was the power. It looked like a new star was on the way... He followed that up with a disappointing .240/.298/.494 batting line in 133 games and 417 AB in 2021. He then batted an even worse .215/.283/.369 in 117 games and 317 AB in 2022.

So far this season, Bobby Dalbec is hitting .182/.308/.182 in 8 games and 11 AB. He's actually in the Minor Leagues at the moment. He's also 27 years old and is a free agent after the 2026 season. It's obvious that his stock is down, which means that Boston can't expect to get too much back for him. It also means that he would be more of a reclamation project for the Miami Marlins. It makes sense for The Fish to see if he can be a successful one.

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