Miami Marlins giveaways for 2024 home games

Miami Marlins home games in 2024 look even more appealing now!
Jake Burger
Jake Burger / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Spring Training is on the way and there's some interesting positional competitions in camp. I also still have hopes for one last major signing before the season. The further good news is that there are now even more reasons to go to Miami Marlins games this season! The list of currently announced giveaways is pretty impressive, so let's look at some of the best ones...

The Miami Marlins have some great giveaways for 2024 home games!

The Pittsburgh Pirates are visiting the Miami Marlins on Sunday, March 31 and the giveaway that day is a mystery jersey! As in it's either going to be a Jake Burger or a Jazz Chisholm Jr. jersey. Getting a free jersey for attending the game is a pretty good deal wouldn't you say?

Speaking of Jake Burger, are you a bobblehead fan? A bobblehead of him is available for the May 19 Sunday game against the New York Mets. Yours truly has already bought tickets to that game by the way. Eury Perez is getting a bobblehead too, his is coming on June 2 against the Texas Rangers. Eury will hopefully have a great sophomore campaign this season.

2023 National League batting champ 2B Luis Arraez is getting his own bobblehead on August 25 against the Chicago Cubs. The same Chicago Cubs that The Fish always beat in the playoffs by the way. Former Miami Marlins ace Dontrelle Willis is getting a bobblehead too, on June 9 against the St. Louis Cardinals. A a big bobblehead collector, all of these bobbleheads are really exciting for me to be able to get.

The May 12 games between the Miami Marlins and the Philadelphia Phillies, will feature a Mother's Day clutch purse as a giveaway. Another mystery jersey will be given out on September 8 for the game against the Philadelphia Phillies. That jersey will either be of Luis Arraez or of Eury Perez. There are other giveaways, but these are the ones that stick out to me especially.

Let's hope that the Miami Marlins return to the playoffs and that all of us have fun attending the games this season!

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