Miami Marlins hitters are slumping...

Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are coming off a bad series with the Seattle Mariners, where the team just wasn't hitting and lost 2 out of 3. The win in the end helped make things a bit better, but with both the Philadelphia Phillies and San Diego Padres winning, losing is even more unacceptable. Some key hitters on The Fish are struggling, including a NL MVP candidate. Can the Miami Marlins stay high on the MLB power rankings? Will the bats turn it around soon?

The Miami Marlins are struggling offensively again.

Luis Arraez is a National League MVP candidate. He hasn't been hitting like one over the last week however. Luis is batting .378/.431/.461 this season, leading the Majors in batting average and OBP. That .396 OBP is becoming problematic... Over the last week he has a .160 batting average with a single run and nothing else. He really needs to start going again. The good thing is that he's obviously still an elite contact hitter, who will finish the season with an average above .300. He's also hitting .360 with 9 RBI over the last two weeks.

Garrett Cooper is not helping things either. He is batting an abysmal .200 over the last two weeks. His full season batting line right now is .229/.268/.408, with 8 home runs and 26 RBI. He's a career .269/.338/.436 hitter, so I expect him to bounce back sooner rather than later. That is if he can stay healthy. Cooper is notoriously injury-prone. He does have a career .348 BABIP and currently has just .300.

3B Jean Segura has been a problem all season. Segura has a -1.6 WAR with a .190/.259/.234 batting line for the season. He has a career .281/.327/.402 batting line, so it's a massive surprise that he's doing so badly. Considering he's signed through 2024 with an $8.5 million salary that season. There's also a $10 million team option for 2025, with a $2 million buyout that will almost certainly not be picked up at this point.

What can be done with Segura? I'm not sure. I don't even see him bouncing back at this point. There is optimism with the other bats due to their past and BABIP's.

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