Miami Marlins interested in a top remaining free agent

Yuli Gurriel
Yuli Gurriel / Elsa/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have been interested in a certain free agent first baseman, then The Fish moved on from him and now are apparently back in on him. It makes sense considering the team's first base issues and new backup plans for Garrett Cooper. The player I've been talking about is of course Yuli Gurriel. The Fish are again after him, but now it appears to more likely be a Minor League dead. Let's look at what this potential signing looks like...

The Miami Marlins might sign Yuli Gurriel to a Minor League deal.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Jordan Groshans is the backup plan for Garrett Cooper at the moment. All of this worries me to be honest. I can't get past Cooper's health history or second half of 2022 production (.210/.310/.371), and I don't like moving Groshans to first base due to his lack of power and the necessity of it at the position. Does signing Yuli Gurriel make sense?

Yuli Gurriel is 38 years old and doesn't seem to have much of a market. He's also coming off a .242/.288/.360 batting line in 146 games and 545 AB with the Houston Astros. When you combine his age with his production, it's hard to see much appeal in the Miami Marlins signing him. The obvious silver lining is that Gurriel batted .347/.360/.490 in 12 games and 49 AB in the playoffs. He also would be signed to a Minor League deal, which is a very limited investment for the Miami Marlins.

What could The Fish expect from Yuli Gurriel in 2023 if he's signed to a Minor League deal? I think that the expectations should be very low. At best he probably hits .265-.275/.330/.400 or so. I don't think that he'll hit many home runs, and don't see him as a middle of the order bat or anything close at all. The best bet is that when Garrett Cooper is injured, that Gurriel would keep first base from becoming a complete hole in the lineup,

I think that the Miami Marlins won't be hurt by signing Yuli Gurriel to a Minor League deal, but we shou;;dn't have high expectations for him at all.

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