The Miami Marlins have a surprise replacement for Garrett Cooper

Garrett Cooper
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The Miami Marlins have a problem at first base and probably need a backup plan at third base. The Fish do have a backup plan for first base now however. Garrett Cooper was an All-Star in 2022, but every team gets All-Star representation and Cooper just can't stay healthy. The Fish finally have a plan on dealing with that now. What is it? Read on!

The Miami Marlins have a backup plan in case Garrett Cooper gets injured again.

Garrett Cooper debuted with the New York Yankees in 2017 and batted .326/.333/.488 in 13 games and 43 AB. He was already 26 however and was then traded to the Miami Marlins. He's been with the team since the 2018 season and started at both first base and designated hitter. The highlight of Cooper's tenure on the team has been 2022, where he batted .261/.337/.415 in 119 games and 414 AB. Last season was almost two different ones rolled in one, as he batted .283/.349/.434 in the first half (receiving an All-Star selection) and a terrible .210/.310/.371 in the second half.

Garrett Cooper batted .273/.349/.439 in 345 games and 1163 AB. It's a solid line but health and his age have been serious concerns. Cooper is a late bloomer with a peak number of 119 games in 2022. The fact that he gets injured every year and that he hit 15 home runs at most in one season (in 2019) is not particularly impressive. First basemen are supposed to hit for more power and Cooper can barely stay healthy to do so. He also has an 89.6 EV which isn't that great.

So what's the backup plan? The backup plan is to play Jordan Groshans at the position. Groshans is a former top prospect who debuted in 2022 and batted .262/.308/.311 in 17 games and 65 AB. He was a third baseman last season, but that position is now taken. Groshans had an underwhelming 87.1 EV so I'm not sure if first base is really the position for him, as power is typically desired at the position.

I don't think that The Fish should move Jordan Groshans to first base, I think a more typical first baseman would be better. Another perhaps better option is to simply move Jean Segura to second base from third base, have Groshans at third base and move Luis Arraez to first base.

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