What is the Miami Marlins' backup plan for CF?

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have a dilemma going into the 2023 season. What happens if Jazz Chisholm Jr. isn't a fit in CF? Who will replace him? He volunteered to play the position and even promised to win a Gold Glove, but as confident and talented as he is, what if it just doesn't work out for him? Will a blockbuster trade be the solution? Let's take a look at all of the options that The Fish have and figure out what would be the best solution.

The Miami Marlins could use a backup plan if Jazz Chisholm Jr. doesn't work out in CF.

I'm a big believer in Jazz Chisholm Jr.'s immense talent and think that he will be fine in CF. That said, I'm being realistic and considering what options the Miami Marlins have if he struggles defensively in CF. If he struggles, he probably moves to SS or back to second base. If he moves to second base it creates a bit of an issue... Luis Arraez moves to first base and Garrett Cooper moves to DH.

What internal options do the Miami Marlins have? Realistically the only other option is moving Bryan De La Cruz over from LF, which then implies moving Jorge Soler from DH back to LF. Soler has never had a positive dWAR and is one of the worst defensive players in the Majors. I don't want Soler anywhere near the field. What are The Fish's external options?

The most popular solution is obviously a trade for the Pittsburgh Pirates' Bryan Reynolds. He's a bad defender in CF himself, but his offensive production may be enough to off-set the defensive issues and make him worthwhile. He can also just simply improve his defense. Realistically however, Pittsburgh's asking price is so high that a trade simply won't happen. What about external options?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have Alek Thomas to offer. Thomas batted only .231/.275/.344 in 113 games and 381 AB in his 2022 debut. It was a pretty unimpressive offensive debut, but he had an excellent 1.0 dWAR. Would Arizona consider him expendable though? There's also Ramon Laureano of the Oakland Athletics. Laureano is coming off his own down season, having batted .211/.287/.376 in 94 games and 346 AB in 2022. Oakland is unlikely to sell low on him, which is why it's hard to see him getting traded before the trading deadline.

The Miami Marlins might want to have a backup plan for CF. Right now it looks to be simply shiftin the players around.

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