Miami Marlins may have a "Cinderella run" in them

Could The Fish still find a way to make the playoffs?

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins just won four straight series. Could this be a prelude to something more substantial?! The Fish are beginning to showcase some unexpected breakout players. With some more adjustments, is it possible that the team can actually turn the corner? Can a team on the way to missing the playoffs do something unexpected instead?

Miami Marlins playoff chances may suddenly not be so farfetched

CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. is a new player in the lead-off spot; 3B Jake Burger is getting hot....The Miami Marlins have now won four straight series and are 9 games out of the final NL Wild Card spot. It's still a tall order, but could this be enough to still somehow make the playoffs?

Let's be realistic, the chances of The Fish still making the playoffs with a current 19-36 win-loss record. It's not something that typically happens and I can't honestly predict this. That said, The Fish are not mathematically eliminated from playoff competition. What if the team's starting pitching continues to dominate?

Miracles can happen in sports and so can Cinderella types of stories. The Washington Nationals started that season 19-31 and certainly weren't looking like a playoff team at that point. Who knew that their season would ultimately end with a comeback win in Game 7 of the World Series. Now, I'm not saying that The Fish are going to go all the way, that's way too bold to predict right now.

What I am however saying, is that it's not impossible for the Miami Marlins to make the playoffs. Yes it's very unlikely, but if the team stays hot.... The important thing is for the team not to give up. The important thing is to take it one game and one series at a time. Forget about the record, focus on grinding out those wins.

The Miami Marlins are very unlikely to make the playoffs in 2024. More likely than not it's gonna be a playoff-less disappointing season, where finishing at .500 will feel like a better than expected result. That said, anything can happen and taking it one game at a time can still lead to fruitful results.

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