Miami Marlins reliever has some interesting stories to tell us

How much do you know about Calvin Faucher?
Calvin Faucher
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Some Miami Marlins pitchers have been complete disappointments this season, and the team has been making improving the farm a priority. One relief pitcher that is unlikely to go anywhere is 28 year old righty Calvin Faucher. He was recently interviewed by This season he has a 3.12 ERA/2.62 FIP, with 9.3 K/9 and 4.2 BB/9, in 15 games and 17.1 innings pitched.

What does Miami Marlins reliever Calvin Faucher have to say?

Calvin Faucher is having a tremendous season and may be turning into a shutdown reliever. Over the previous two seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, he produced a 6.32 ERA/4.98 FIP, with 8.8 K/9 and 4.2 BB/9, in 39 games and 47.0 innings pitched. He clearly turned the corner from those results.

So what did Faucher have to say? One fun fact is that his father owns a glass company and that he still sometimes helps him out with it. He said that he's been installing windows and shower closures since he was a kid.

Faucher had interesting comments about being part of the "Nelson Cruz trade":

"It was surprising. I was shagging batting practice and I get called in to talk to our manager, and it was the first year after COVID, so I thought I might have done something to break the rules of COVID. And then sure enough, I go over and he just told me I was part of the trade and I had to pack up and fly out the next day to Montgomery, Alabama."

Interestingly, he claims that the reason that Tampa is so good at finding hidden gems, is because of "simplifying things". Is it possible that other teams do indeed overcomplicate things? That's certainly something to look at. It is possible that over analyzation is the consequence of today's analytics.

Do you like 1990's cartoons? Faucher does! "Rugrats" was his favorite. Another important comment from Calvin Faucher, is that he said that he's still trying to prove himself. It's a fact that he's turning into an important part of the Miami Marlins bullpen and I'm hoping that he keeps producing good results.

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