Miami Marlins news: Is Kim Ng indecisive or is it Sherman?

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Kim Ng has been telling the Miami Marlins fans to stay patient. This led to an entire off-season of largely inactivity that has driven the fans insane, while doing absolutely nothing to actually improve the team's weak lineup. Why is this happening? What is the exact reason for all of this? Is this Bruce Sherman's fault? Is he keeping her from spending? Is it her own fault? Is there no interest in our starting pitchers? The truth seems to be right there unfortunately.

Kim Ng doesn't seem to know what she's doing as the Miami Marlins GM.

Any time that I think about Kim Ng as the Miami Marlins GM, I think about how she completely mishandled the trade deadline. It's a well-known fact that contending teams largely focus on acquiring pitching at that time, so why is it that Pablo López and his 2.96 mid-season ERA ended up staying with us? It was clear that we weren't extending him or going to the playoffs that season, so why not flip him for the best possible return? THERE WERE OFFERS ON THE TABLE, but she did not take any of them, wanting more instead.

Bruce Sherman doesn't seem to want to raise the Miami Marlins payroll. We all know that, it's not a mystery. Would her care if a trade took place that didn't affect the payroll that much? It doesn't sound like anything that would make sense to me. Why would he care if the payroll fell, got slightly higher or didn't change at all? I find it extremely hard to believe that he's the reason wy trades aren't being made.

What about the possibility that there is no interest in Miami Marlins starting pitchers? I find it hard to believe that contending teams have no interest in good cheap controllable starting pitchers. I do however see the possibility of them refusing to give up too much for one as a distinct possibility. Whose fault would be that? Kim Ng. I think that it's pretty clear that she is looking for the best possible return in a trade, not thinking that holding out for a perfect trade is why she's ending up with nothing instead.

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