Miami Marlins news: More bad news

Joey Wendle
Joey Wendle / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Another day and more bad news for the Miami Marlins. Kim Ng has been a huge failure as the GM for the Miami Marlins. So what is happening now? Well, The Fish lost yet ANOTHER free agent hitting target (what else is new?) and there is talk of yet ANOTHER trade taking place. What's going on here? Is there an actual trade in the works? The Miami Marlins fans are having a terrible off-season and unfortunately things aren't getting much better...

The Miami Marlins lost another free agent and might have a trade in the works.

Do you remember when the Miami Marlins were pursuing Michael Conforto? Well that didn't last long. Conforto will be looking to make a comeback with the San Francisco Giants. Personally, I think that unless this was the best offer for his services financially (and it very well could have been), he needed to pick a team with a better park for hitters and bad fielders such as himself. It's going to be tough for him to have positive defensive grades in San Francisco, unless the plan is for him to be their DH.

The Miami Marlins missing out on yet another free agent is not surprising at this point, just another sad development in a frustrating off-season. Free agency has dried up at this point so our only hope is the trade market. A market that I feel we can't be confident about with Kim Ng anyway. Will she surprise us? Doubtful.

Speaking of the trade market, the Boston Red Sox think that Joey Wendle can do better with them. Wendle batted .259/.297/.360 in 2022 with 3 home runs and 32 RBI in 101 games and 347 AB. I'm not too optimistic for him with the Miami Marlins, so maybe it's best to trade him. What can we get back though? It's almost certainly not going to be some meaningful return, so the best we can get may be Bobby Dalbec. I wrote about that before. Is it possible that we can work something out? Maybe, but Kim Ng better work on more meaningful trades with time before the season running out.

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