Miami Marlins news: Trade talks with Boston

Triston Casas
Triston Casas / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

I wrote before about the Miami Marlins needing to target a Boston Red Sox first baseman. Luckily, it turned out to be a better one. With a big trade apparently looming, it's possible that the trade will be between The Fish and the Boston Red Sox. Who could be involved? The first baseman that I'm talking about is Triston Casas. The Miami Marlins are shooting high with this pursuit, but is it worth it? And is it realistic to actually happen?

The Miami Marlins are pursuing Boston's first baseman Triston Casas.

Triston Casas is likely to start the 2023 season as Boston's first baseman. The top prospect debuted during the 2022 season and batted .197/358/.408 with 5 home runs and 12 RBI in 27 games and 76 AB. His 88.0 EV was not very impressive along with that batting line, but he batted .281/.389/.500 in AAA last year and Fangraphs projects him for a .247/.350/.451 batting line in 2023 with 20 home runs and 66 RBI in 120 games.

The Miami Marlins are also interested in Ceddanne Rafaela, the Minor League CF is a career .272/.324/.459 hitter in the Minors. He hasn't played in higher than AA, but it seems that Kim Ng sees something that she likes in the 22 year old. Is it possible that The Fish can get him along with Casas? Pablo López would be a pretty big price to pay for the both of them, but could they be worth it?

Apparently Boston has interest in Joey Wendle, who is an expendable piece for us now. Wendle is a career .271/.322/.399 hitter, who batted .259/.297/.360 in 101 games and 347 AB in 2022, with 3 home runs and 32 RBI. I don't think that most Miami Marlins fans are going to miss him if he's traded in this deal.

Would the deal be Pablo or another starting pitcher and Joey Wendle for Triston Casas and Ceddane Rafaela? I'm definitely curious to see if that is indeed the case. I do think that both Casas and Ceddane would need to live up to the hype for this to work out for us.

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