Miami Marlins playoff situation as of today

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Elsa/GettyImages

The regular season is almost over and the Miami Marlins are still in MLB playoffs contention! Jazz Chisholm Jr. and the rest of the team are right in the thick of things, but how close are our Fish? What are the playoff odds going into the rubber game against the New York Mets? Will all of the missing players be too much to overcome?

The Miami Marlins are in pursuit of the first playoff appearance in a full season since 2003.

Every single time that the Miami Marlins made the playoffs in a full normal season, the team has made it far in the playoffs. So far in fact that each time.... OK I really don't want to jinx it but you get the point. The Fish are currently tied with the Chicago Cubs for the final Wild Card spot and there are 4 games to go.

Technically the Arizona Diamondbacks are in the picture too. They're two games ahead of both The Fish and Chicago for the second Wild Card spot. After finishing their road series with the Chicago White Sox today, they will host the Houston Astros for three games starting Friday. I fully expect them to lose that series.

The Miami Marlins will finish the series against the New York Mets today, and then continue the road trip with three games against the Pittsburgh Pirates starting tomorrow. The Chicago Cubs finish their road series against the Atlanta Braves today, and then travel to face the Milwaukee Brewers for three games. The Fish have the easiest schedule here, which is great news. Of course the games still have to be won.

Fangraphs has an idea about that... the Miami Marlins have a 68.8% chance of making the playoffs! The Chicago Cubs are at just 29.9%!! The Arizona Diamondbacks are at 97.6%. Arizona is rated a little high in my opinion, but I won't argue that they're close to being a lock for the playoffs. The best part is that The Fish don't have to worry about them, the Chicago Cubs are the ones to worry about. Luckily, it appears as if not much worrying is left.

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