Miami Marlins possible GM options that know the small market team

Kim Ng is out, who could be in?
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Could the Miami Marlins Hire a second female GM?

Would it be out of the question to hire another female GM to follow up behind Kim Ng? I don't think so. The Marlins could follow up the Kim Ng era that brought in the first female GM in baseball with another female GM in Eve Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum has been with winning franchises in back to back stints, as she was with the Astros until moving to her hometown Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles promoted her in 2022 to Assistant General Manager.

While it might be hard to pry Rosenbaum away from her childhood team, a promotion would certainly help influence her. The Orioles currently have the top ranked farm system according to MLB pipeline and they have several top 100 players. Rosenbaum could be an interesting pick as she started with the Orioles as a big international scout and did salary analysis to stretch their cash as best they could.

Rosenbaum might not have the full experience and could be a stretch, but I wouldn't put it past Bruce Sherman to hire her because the cost would be low and the publicity would be high. Then the president of baseball operations could really be in charge and she could be the face of the GM side. The Orioles success this year has got to be appealing for Sherman as well since they had the second to last lowest payroll in baseball. If she was a key part of that success, Sherman would want to investigate that and see if she would fit his philosophy.

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