Miami Marlins prospect has an unusual way of improving his skills

Troy Johnston may be a future star for The Fish down the line
Troy Johnston
Troy Johnston / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Miami Marlins #20 prospect 1B Troy Johnston may contribute to the team this season, and he has an unusual way to make that a reality. The Fish will be focusing a lot more on the Minors going forward. That was the reason why Peter Bendix was brought in to replace Kim Ng in fact. There's already some prospects that will hopefully benefit. So what exactly does Troy Johnston do to improve?

Miami Marlins prospect Troy Johnston has an interesting way to look at improving his skills.

Troy Johnston is the #20 prospect on the Miami Marlins. He's definitely not a top or elite prospect, but that can always change. Johnston doesn't have high grades according t His hitting got a 55 grade, but he received a 45 grade for his power, 30 for running, 40 for his arm. His fielding does have a 50 grade, but overall he received an underwhelming 40 grade.

The 5'11 lefty is already 26 years old. He has a below average arm and doesn't fit the stereotypical first base profile according to his profile. Johnston badly needs to make drastic changes to end up sticking at first base and making the Major League team at some point. He does have his ETA as the 2024 season.

So how can Johnston accomplish that? Two words: Escape Room.

What? I can just hear you saying that. Well, escape rooms are a sort of game, where players try to escape a room by solving puzzles. It's a game that is often played with a group of friends. Interestingly, it apparently motivates Johnston to improve as well.

This is what Troy Johnston says:

“In escape rooms, essentially, you're trying to figure out ways when things aren't going right. You are trying to figure out ways to be successful and get out of the room, do whatever it is. Same thing with baseball. You're in a slump, you've got to try to figure out, put the pieces together, create the puzzle, whatever it is."

Manager Skip Schumaker said that as long as Johnston keeps impressing him in Spring Training, there might be a chance for him this season. He also had Johnston play LF to open up more opportunities for him to make the roster.

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