Peter Bendix has a great plan for the Miami Marlins

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The Miami Marlins brought in Peter Bendix to make up for Kim Ng's mistakes. As The Fish are hopefully looking for a new DH, Bendix did an interview with about his plans for the team. It's obviously important to have a better idea of his plans and to have a better outlook for the upcoming season.

Peter Bendix has some interesting plans for the Miami Marlins going forward.

Here's some fun stuff to begin...Peter Bendix is a fan of the TV shows "Breaking Bad". "Better Call Saul" and "The Wire". On the more serious side, Bendix answered quite a few questions about the Miami Marlins going forward.

Bendix said that Miami offers a lot as a city. This is something that I often bring up on X (formerly Twitter). The city offers enormous appeal and the prospect of living there ha to be a big benefit for the players. He also talked about specific things that he learned from his time with the Tampa Bay Rays.

How can The Fish identify good players using the Tampa way?

"It's so many different things. Sometimes it might be movement on a pitch. Sometimes it might be thinking that a player has just had a random set of bad outcomes, and so they just want to do the same thing again. Sometimes it's about helping their mindset, building them up, giving them compliments, telling them, "Hey, we think you're really good already. Just go be yourself."

If this method works for the Miami Marlins, this will go a long way towards building a winning culture. Peter Bendix said that the key is being competitive in September, making the playoffs regularly and then a World Series berth will happen. This is a simple but logically effective strategy for The Fish to utilize.

Peter Bendix was also asked on which all-time player he would bring to the tam if he could. He chose Hall of Fame 2B Jackie Robinson, for his personality and playing ability. Bendix said that bringing in both talent and personalities is important to a team's success.

The Miami Marlins need a winning culture to become annual contenders. Peter Bendix seems to have the right plan for making that happen.

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