Miami Marlins prospect might soon be on everyone's radar

Ryan Ignoffo is becoming a very interesting Fish prospect
Ryan Ignoffo
Ryan Ignoffo / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins farm system needs a boost and that's hardly news to most fans. Peter Bendix has been brought in to be the team's PBO with the plan that he'll improve the farm. Time will tell whether he'll be able to do that or not, but for now there's some interesting developments down at the farm. How about the changes made by Ryan Ignoffo?!

What changes are being made by Miami Marlins prospect Ryan Ignoffo?

Ryan Ignoffo is not a name that you've likely heard all that much. He was the 20'th selection in the recent 2023 MLB Draft. Ignoffo was a bit of a lottery pick from Eastern Illinois University. He started off as more of a utility bat in both Rookie-ball and Single A. It didn't look as if he could stick at any position, until an intriguing decision was suggested....

Ignoffo was told by director of Minor League operations Hector Crespo that he should consider becoming a catcher. The reason was that it just made sense, in order for him to ultimately make it to the Major Leagues. It's clear that catcher is one of the team's weakest positions at the Major League level, and having help at the position is absolutely key for the team going forward.

What's interesting, is that Ignoffo was actually expecting to turn to relief pitching, something that he gave up since doing at the college level. Ryan Ignoffo is not considered one of The Fish's top prospects and is already 23 years old. He's now using his pitching experience to help in his transition to catching. He said the following about this:

“I think me being a pitcher, even last year was my last year on the mound, it gives me a pretty good feel on how to attack hitters, because I didn't have the stuff Noble [Meyer] or [Thomas] White did, but I knew how to get guys out with the stuff that I had that day, even though it might not be the best. So when it comes to a guy who kind of might not have feel for a certain pitch, I can kind of get him in the zone and get him to relax.”

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