Miami Marlins results in a mock MLB draft

Kim Ng
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I looked over the upcoming draft earlier this season. I also discussed who the Miami Marlins might actually pick during said draft. Now revealed their first mock draft, and we can see who they think that the Miami Marlins will pick in the first round. It's a pretty interesting look at the draft and at the thinking behind the picks. I want to go over the first round and see how it currently looks for The Fish.

The Miami Marlins pick tenth during the upcoming MLB draft.

Before we get to the Miami Marlins, let's see how the first round will go overall. The Pittsburgh Pirates are picking first and are predicted to select CF Dylan Crews from Louisiana State. He's leading NCAA Division 1 in hitting (.486 BA), OBP and walks. Unfortunately The Fish won't have the chance to pick him. Going second to the Washington Nationals is Crews's teammate RHP Paul Skenes. Skenes has a rate of 17.1 K/9 and is seen by scouts as potentially the best pitching prospect ever!

The Detroit Tigers pick third and are expected to draft CF Wyatt Langford from Florida. He would be a great fit for the Miami Marlins as a Florida player, but he is unlikely to last undrafted until the tenth pick. The Texas Rangers will pick fourth and are projected to draft OF Walter Jenkins, from an NC high school. He has "huge power potential" but had a hamate injury recently. The Minnesota Twins are projected to pick OF Max Clark fifth. He's supposedly even a candidate to go higher. It's safe to say that The Fish won't get any of these players.

Going sixth to the future Las Vegas, (and currently) Oakland Athletics is SS Jacob Wilson. Wilson has good contact skills, but could nd up going lower. I'm not sure if the Miami Marlins should consider him. Another SS is projected to go seventh. The SS? Jacob Gonzalez to the Cincinnati Reds. Jacob has both average and power but there's a question on him sticking at the position.

ANOTHER SS is projected to go eigth. This time it's Arjun Nimmala to the Kansas City Royals. Nimmala has plus raw power and a good chance to stick at the position. I don't like him for The Fish, as I would prefer a more "sure" player from college. The Colorado Rockies are projected to pick RHP Chase Dollander, who was the top draft pitching prospect until his inconsistent results in the spring. He'll go higher in my opinion.

The Miami Marlins are picking tenth, and are expected to take RHP Noble Meyer from Jesuit HS in Portland, OR. I don't see it at all. Meyer is a #16 prospect and is a pitcher. I'm expecting The Fish to take a hitter not a pitcher in the first round.

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