Miami Marlins sell-off is on in a blockbuster way

2B Luis Arraez has been traded to the San Diego Padres
Luis Arraez
Luis Arraez / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are having a terrible season. One of the worst in franchise history in fact. A look at the standings shows that there's basically no chance for the team to make the playoffs. What naturally follows is a sell-off at the Trade Deadline. Peter Bendix decided not to wait that long. It actually almost happened this off-season. Is this a good trade for The Fish?

The sell-off is on as the Miami Marlins have traded 2B Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres.

It was a busy Friday for Peter Bendix. The Miami Marlins traded 2B Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres for mostly prospects. The incoming players are CF Dillon Head, 1B/OF Nathan Martorella, OF Jakob Marsee and Major League RP Woo-Suk Go.

Luis Arraez is a poor defender who is a free agent after next season. He's arguably the best pure hitter in the Major Leagues. He is however difficult to evaluate. A career .324/.377/.423 hitter is arguably the best contact hitter in the game. The lack of power (his home run high was 10 last season) and bad defense hurt his market value. San Diego however needs a DH and had the farm to trade for him.

As good as Luis Arraez is, I don't see giving the 27 year old a long-term extension as a good move. His value crashes if his contact ability goes down and he's been a liability in the field this season (-0.4 dWAR). With the playoffs out of reach, the trade makes sense. Woo-Suk Go could be a future closer high leverage bullpen arm, based on his work in the KBO. I'm more excited about the prospects however.

Jakob Marsee is a 6'th round pick of the 2022 draft. He's batting .185/.337/.333 in AA. He was San Diego's #9 prospect. Nathan Martorella was the #13 prospect who is currently batting .294/.392/.435 in AA. The biggest prize however is Dillon Head, the #6 prospect in their system, who was drafted 25'th in the first round last year. He has speed and great defense

I'm still a bit in shock that Luis Arraez was just traded. I'm thankful for his work for the Miami Marlins. I also understand the logic behind the trade and hope that the return was the best possible.

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