Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisholm Jr. needs to make a major adjustment

The Fish's face of the team has to make adjustments to improve
Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. is basically the face of the team. He is very ambitious and has big goals for this season. He's highly opinionated and isn't afraid of speaking his mind. He's becoming a polarizing figure, as his performance hasn't been matching his ambition. It's time to see what adjustments he really should work on making. Jazz's plate discipline is his biggest issue and I want to dive into that.

Miami Marlins CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. needs to work on improving his plate discipline.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is currently batting .247/.333/.366, with 2 home runs and 10 RBI in 26 games and 105 PA. He currently has an 11.4 BB% and a 27.6 K%. These are actually improvements on his 6.8 BB% last season and his 30.8 K% from last season. These are positives, but let's dig deeper...

Jazz swings at more pitches on the outside, having a 29.3 swing% this season, but a 28.5 swing% last season. Is it working better for him? Well.... he connected on 51.0% of those pitches last season and is now connecting on 64.0% of pitches this season.

Jazz also i actually swinging less at pitches on the inside (61.0% this season and 66.5% last season.) His contact rate on these pitches has interestingly improved from 74.4% last season to 82.9% this season. These are actually pretty positive signs, though it doesn't seem to have drastically improved his batting line.

It sure looks as if Jazz Chisholm Jr. has improved his approach a bit. Digging deeper, we find out that he's hitting slightly more line drives (16.7% last season and 17.7% this season). He's however hitting more ground balls (47.8% last season and 48.4% this season). On the flip side, his fly balls went down (35.5% last season and 33.9% this season).

It appears that Jazz is getting very unlucky with his home run rate. His HR/FB% was 23.5% last season and has a 19.7% for his career. This season however he has 9.5%. This means that he's getting unlucky and should be hitting more home runs in the near future. Jazz's Exit Velocity was 90.1 this season, that's also his career mark. He did have a 90.4 rate last season.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. strikes out too much and his batting average is too low. That said, it appears that he is making improvements and is getting unlucky with home runs.

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