Miami Marlins top 29 prospects: SS Yiddi Cappe

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The Miami Marlins top prospects list has recently been released by Fangraphs. I already wrote about one prospect and now it's time to write about another one. You should also check out an update on yet another. This article is about SS prospect Yiddi Cappe, who is #3 on the FG list. Is Cappe The Fish's SS of the future?

Yiddi Cappe is the top SS prospect on the Miami Marlins.

Yiddi Cappe is a 6'3 right handed hitter who has a lot of potential as a Miami Marlins prospect. He's the top SS prospect in The Fish's system and was a lucky signing. Cappe was signed after most teams already spent their bonus pool space in 2019-2020. The Fish were able to sign him for a discount as a result.

Fangraphs says that Cappe has "chase-happy tendencies" and that his strikeouts will be an issue in the Major Leagues. Swing adjustments may be necessary for him to improve on that. This is a pretty worrying sign. FG also points out that Cappe needs to be more selective with the pitches that he swings at.

Are there any positives with Cappe's hitting ability? He has "exciting" raw power and "general athleticism" which is high praise for the prospect. Cappe's raw power gets a 45/55 rating, which is pretty good to say the least. I personally believe that if all goes well, he could be an annual 20 home run threat. Contrasting the power rating, he has an underwhelming 30/55 rating for his hitting ability.

Looking at Yiddi Cappe's defensive ability, he received a 45/55 rating for his defense. That's a good rating, but it's obvious that he needs to improve a bit considering the importance of his defensive position. I should add that Cappe is still just 20 years old. There is another positive with him, he has a 55/60 rating for his running ability.

How is Yiddi Cappe doing right now? He's batting .214/.254/.321 in 50 games and 209 AB in A+. He did much better at the A+ level last season, batting .278/.299/.380. I'm concerned about the decline, but he can turn it around.

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