Miami Marlins top 29 prospects: LHP Jake Eder

Jake Eder
Jake Eder / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Fangraphs released their top 29 Miami Marlins prospects list, and it's time to take a serious look at it. We already talked about the MLB list and looked at a potential future ace. It's now time to look at yet another list. I envision this turning into a series, as I want this to be a very in-depth look at the current state of The Fish's Minor League system. So... let's begin!

The Miami Marlins farm system has some interesting prospects.

Let's start with #1 and it's of course SP Eury Perez. Eury is already in the Major Leagues and has a 2.84 ERA/4.92 FIP, with 9.0 K/9 and 4.7 BB/9 in 4 games and 19.0 innings pitched. Fangraphs points out that he has "incredible body control" and "strike-throwing ability". We already talked about him, so I won't keep going on about the future ace, who is technically not a prospect anymore.

#2 on the list is LHP Jake Eder and the subject of this article. Eder is 6'4 and is a lefty with shaky control but an elite slider. They call it "one of the nastier ones on the planet". This is a pretty exciting take on it. They also give it an elite 70/70 rating too. Unfortunately, they're not as high on his other offerings...

They call Eder's changeup "only fair right now". The pitch received a 40/45 rating from them by the way. Eder's fastball received a 55/60 rating, and they point out both a velocity drop and his control issues. Those control issues are why Fangraphs questions whether Eder can actually end up in the rotation in the long-term. That's a pretty alarming concern as you can imagine.

Fangraphs says that Jake Eder could end up in the bullpen in the long-term. This doesn't sound very promising, but then they add that some experts see him as a top 30 MLB prospect. The question is once again whether he can get his control...well under control. The one positive about a potential bullpen move is a likely velocity bump.

Jake Eder is currently recovering from a foot fracture, and FG recommends the Miami Marlins to be aggressive with the 24 year old upon his return. One reason? He hasn't pitched since 2021.

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