Miami Marlins trade deadline strategy

Skip Schumaker, Kim Ng
Skip Schumaker, Kim Ng / Jasen Vinlove/Miami Marlins/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are coming off a bad losing streak, but the playoffs are still in sight. The Fish should obviously look to improve at the Trade Deadline, and there are definite areas to improve. Kim Ng already made some interesting comments about all of this... has written an article about the Trade Deadline. So.... what's Kim's plan?

The Miami Marlins could already have a plan for the Trade Deadline.

As I already linked to above, The Fish badly need bullpen help. The bullpen was a big reason for the recent losing streak, with the team blowing close leads in game after game. There's also another need.... starting pitching. Inning-eating starting pitchers are badly needed on the team. At least one could go a long way to sending the team into the Postseason. I wrote about these needs before as well.

The Miami Marlins also need a big bat, and that is something that M; talks about as well. They specifically said that the team needs to be careful and only make calculated moves. This means to only make trades if the return is worth it. This seems to be a pretty odd take. Isn't that how all trades are supposed to work? Both teams should only make a trade if the return for each seems worth it?

I can also interpret this take as Kim Ng refusing to overpay, and making sure that whatever trades get done significantly improve the team. I'm not sure that wanted to really make a straightforward pick here. What do I think will happen? I see Kim Ng going after relief pitching as a top priority. The recent losses make it vey clear that the bullpen is the team's major problem area.

I also see the Miami Marlins looking for hitting help. It's hard to see a scenario where Kim Ng doesn't look for another big bat or two at the Trade Deadline. Which bats? That is hard to say, but I wrote quite a few articles suggesting multiple likely targets. Some could even cause a major splash. One thing that I'm sure of is that Kim Ng will find a trade to improve the team in a significant way.

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