Miami Marlins Trade package prediction for Jorge Soler

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Chas McCormick, Miami Marlins
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The Miami Marlins would add the following player stats to their lineup:

Chas McCormick

6 home runs, 17 RBI, 5 SB, .235/.316/.445 .761 OPS

Yainer Diaz

4 home runs, 10 RBI, .269/.287/.473 .760 OPS

Now those two MLB totals for this season seem low, but they are for a reason, they don't get much playing time. McCormick has a total of 119 ABs and Diaz has 93 for the season, and if they matched that output in the 236 at-bats that Soler has had, both are great adds.

Pedro Leon

In AAA Leon has 9 home runs, 34 RBI, 9 SB, and a slash line of .255/.342/.457 and a .799 OPS.

Shawn Dubin

Dubin has high upside but has been transitioning to starter this season, but his velocity would fit better in the pen. Last year for the Space Cowboys Dubin had a 4.78 ERA in 23 appearances but started 12 of those. Most of his starts last year and this year he has been hit and as such I think he would be a great bullpen fit.

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