Narratives keep changing on Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker's future

It certainly looks like they're trying to drive him out or are they?
Skip Schumaker and Pete Bendix
Skip Schumaker and Pete Bendix / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

Last season was an important one for the Miami Marlins. It included the first 162 game season playoff appearance since 2003. It also included Skip Schumaker winning the NL Manager of the Year award. Things looked bright for the team and manager, and then a major front office change took place. It was said that Skip was a fan of Kim Ng (who also hired him), and new front offices usually hire their own...

Is Peter Bendix trying to replace Skip Schumaker with his own choice for a manager?

Incoming executives almost always like to select their own managers. It doesn't happen every time, but is the preferred modus operandi in such cases. When Peter Bendix took over the Miami Marlins for Kim Ng, it immediately put manager Skip Schumaker's future into question. Schumaker winning the NL Manager of the Year award last season definitely complicated matters. How could he be fired after that?

When reports came out initially of The Fish declining an option on Schumaker for 2025, it looked like a bit of a "set-up". Peter Bendix didn't really improve the roster much in the off-season, so with the team's poor start was Skip the "fall guy"? It certainly seemed that way. He was going to be blamed for the team's struggles and replaced by Bendix's choice.

It now appears that Bruce Sherman actually voided the option as a "sign of goodwill" to Schumaker, so that he can explore other options after his contract expires at the end of the season. Is it really a "good will" move? That's according to a Sports Illustrated report and the Miami Herald. It could be true or it could just be a narrative to make the team look good. We don't know.

Supposedly, Skip Schumaker and Peter Bendix get along fine and the option was voided so Skip could always leave if they start to argue. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Bendix likely wants to choose his own manager, but is getting along fine with Skip. Sherman probably wants to keep the option of moving on from Skip open, but to put any blame on him leaving on Skip himself. He also may genuinely like him and showing him that.

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