Big Miami Marlins news regarding Skip Schumaker and the schedule

Skip Schumaker
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The Miami Marlins have been eliminated from the playoffs early, but can still learn from them for 2024. It's time to look ahead to the 2024 season, and see what The Fish can do to return to the playoffs and go further next time. Today there's some news regarding the team, the news are regarding manager Skip Schumaker. There's also some news regarding the schedule as well. Are you ready?

Miami Marlins news about Skip Schumaker and the schedule for the 2024 season.

Former Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng hired Skip Schumaker to be the new manager for the Miami Marlins. Skip apparently remained understandably thankful and loyal to Kim. It's no surprise then, that Skip is frustrated that Kim is no longer with the team. He feels that she was pushed out unfairly and it theoretically could cause issues for his own future.

Skip Schumaker's contract runs out after next season, but there's a team option for 2025 that is expected to be picked up at this time. A good extension offer might be enough to alleviate Skip's concerns, and to keep him with the team long-term. While Skip is understandably upset, Kim's poor drafting set the team back and Bruce Sherman was right to want a PBO above her. She just amde too many mistakes.

It's understandable why Skip is upset, but he needs to understand that Kim chose to leave and that Sherman was being fair. The Miami Marlins need to give him an extension and make it clear that he's a vital and integral part of the team. It's also understandable that he might be worried about the new GM wanting their own manager. That's another reason why an extension is necessary here. Skip needs to know how valued he is, and be paid accordingly to that evaluation.

In the meantime, the Miami Marlins decided to make changes for the 2024 season. Friday games will now start at 7:10 PM instead of 6:40 PM. Saturday games on the other hand will start at 4:10 PM. These changes will hopefully continue to raise attendance for the team.

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