Miami Marlins draft mistakes under Kim Ng will frustrate you

Matt McLain
Matt McLain / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins recently parted ways with General Manager Kim Ng. The reason for her leaving, was apparently because Bruce Sherman was unhappy with her countless drafting mistakes. She has made mistakes in free agency as well. Have you wondered exactly how bad those drafying mistakes were? And how badly they affected The Fish? Let's take a look at who Kim Ng could've drafted instead...

Kim Ng made some notable mistakes in drafts as the Miami Marlins GM.

Let's start with the first draft under Kim Ng's control as the Miami Marlins General Manager. In the 2021 draft, The Fish drafted 16'th in the first round. The team took SS Kahlil Watson and he's been quite the bust. He ultimately batted a poor .234/.328/.416 in the Minor Leagues, had issues with his behavior and was finally traded this year.

Do you know who was drafted at #17 right after the Miami Marlins drafted Kahlil Watson? The Cincinnati Reds drafted SS Matt McLain. Yes, the same McLain who debuted this season. McLain batted .290/.357/.507m with 16 home runs and 50 RBI, in 89 games and 365 AB. It just so happens that The Fish need a SS now.

Kim Ng drafted C Joe Mack as the 31'st pick. Mack has been a bust so far and has batted .217/.324/.303 in the Minors. 3B Tyler Black went two picks later to the Milwaukee Brewers at 33'rd. It was yet another blunder by Ng, as Black has risen higher up the prospect ranks.

If you're frustrated by the 2021 draft, the 2022 draft doesn't look much better. The Miami Marlins drafted 1B Jacob Berry, who has so far batted .236/.300/.382 in the Minor Leagues. He's been largely seen as a bust. The Fish took him 6'th. You know who was available instead and went 13'th to the Los Angeles Angels? SS Zach Neto. Neto debuted this season and has been worth 1.6 WAR in a short sample size of 84 games and 289 AB.

The Miami Marlins need a SS, and the best way for a team to be annually competitive is through good drafting. Kim Ng was unable to do that and is now no longer with the team. Just imagine if Matt McLain was the starting SS instead of the mess that we have instead.

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