Miami Marlins didn't want to sign Jean Segura and had another player in mind

Jean Segura
Jean Segura / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It seems not a day goes by without more news on former Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng. We now know that she declined her half of her team option for next season due to being basically demoted. Bruce Sherman wanted to hire a PBO to oversee her moves. The reason was that she was really bad at drafting, and the team's farm system declined since her hiring. We know even more now...

The Miami Marlins didn't really want to sign Jean Segura.

Jean Segura was a complete disaster on the Miami Marlins. The career .285/.330/.409 hitter prior to joining The Fish, Segura batted just .219/.277/.279, with 3 home runs and 21 RBI in 85 games and 301 AB in 2023. The performance was so abysmal that he was actually worth -1.9 WAR, costing the team wins! He was mercifully traded to the Cleveland Guardians at the Trade Deadline. Cleveland ended up releasing him without even letting him play one game for them!

It gets worse however, signing Segura in the first place was an issue. He never really played third base before, which made signing him to play the position an odd move. The move didn't work out at all of course. He also had an abysmal -0.7 dWAR. It turns out that Kim Ng wanted someone else. That someone else? Justin Turner.

Justin Turner signed with the Boston Red Sox instead and batted an outstanding .276/.345/.455, with 23 home runs and 96 RBI in 146 games and 558 AB. He was worth 2.1 WAR. So why did Ng sign Turner instead? It was simple... Boston beat The Fish's offer and signed him instead, paying him $15 million this season. Strange that Ng couldn't beat that, though who knows how much she was allowed to spend.

It wouldn't be fair to blame Kim Ng for not signing Justin Turner, when we didn't know all of the details. Did Turner just prefer Boston? Was Kim unable to pay him more? What we can however blame her for is signing Jean Segura. He should never have been Plan B.

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