News on the draft for the Miami Marlins

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins and GM Kim Ng have the draft to get ready for. I talked about the draft earlier this year. I also covered a mock draft and its results. There are now more news on the upcoming draft coming from I'm talking about the new top 200 prospects list. Once again I'm going to focus on the first round and the #10 pick that The Fish have...

The Miami Marlins have some interesting options in the first round.

The top seven prospects are OF Dylan Crews from LSU; RHP Paul Skenes from LSU; OF Wyatt Langford from Florida; OF Walker Jenkins from South Brunswick HS; OF Max Clark from Franklin HS; RHP Chase Dollander from Tennessee and SS Jacob Wilson from Grand Canyon. It's safe to say that the Miami Marlins won't be able to draft any of them.

After that at #8 is RHP Rhett Lowder from Wake Forest. I'm more interested in #9. That would be SS Arjun Nimmala. Nimmala is a bit inconsistent in his at-bats, but has great raw power. He also plays a position of need for The Fish, though it would take him a while to make it to the team (he's 17). Another interesting player is #10 C Kyle Teel. Teel has good contact skills and a good arm. He is also 21, so could potentially help the team faster than Nimmala.

#13 is C Blake Mitchell, who is pretty interesting as well. He has a great arm (that's rated higher than Teel's). He's also very patient at the plate and has good bat speed. He's 18 however, and personally I prefer college prospects to high school prospects. A pair of shortstops at numbers 14 and 15: Colin Houck and Jacob Gonzalez interest me as well.

Houck is 18 years old and has good bat speed and strength. If he can improve further, he could turn into someone deserving of a top 10 pick (if he doesn't become one anyway though unlikely). Jacob Gonzalez has good control of the strike zone, and potentially has 25 home run potential. Gonzalez is 21 years old, which makes me prefer him to Houck. Who should the Miami Marlins pick?

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