Peter Bendix gets the nod to be the Miami Marlins President of Baseball Operations

The Marlins are halfway there to filling their front office
Aug 30, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Jose Siri (22) celebrates a victory
Aug 30, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Jose Siri (22) celebrates a victory / Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins told former GM Kim Ng that they wanted a president of baseball operations above her and she opted out of her contract, even after the Marlins first playoff appearance in 20 years. Now we know that was not just smoke and mirrors, Tampa Bay Rays General Manager Peter Bendix is the guy who finally got the nod to take on the new position (according to the Athletic's Ken Rosenthal). Bendix is immediately needed to work through free agency and most importantly, finding a new General Manager. 

Peter Bendix is the Miami Marlins new President of Baseball Operations

Peter Bendix has been with the Tampa Bay Rays for 14 years and is another cog in the Rays General Manager factory that has been shipped off to other teams. The Miami Marlins, along with other franchises, are coveting the Rays line of success, as a perennial playoff team. The best part of the Marlins acquiring Bendix may be his long history in development of players that has been a part of that same playoff run. 

Bendix spent six seasons as the President of the baseball development department, which means the exact issues we have been writing about here at will hopefully cease to be with him on board. Kim Ng’s draft history is spotty at best and Bendix will be the guy to help develop players and/or trade them away for better talent. I really like this move, and I think in the long run this will help the Marlins continue their success with their young core. 

The next question might be who he will look into tapping for the General Manager position, could it be another person ousted from the Rays front office? It could be just that, but it could also lead to 2 more former Rays front office members who are experienced General Managers to get interviews. James Click is certainly a realistic option right now, the former Astros GM and current Blue Jays VP of baseball strategy. An even likelier bet would be that Chaim Bloom would get a shot at the GM spot. The Marlins could also go a totally different direction but that remains to be seen, time will tell. Fish fans are stoked however to have the 2009 Rays intern turned GM 14 years later, now at the head of their team. 

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