Ranking the Miami Marlins Trade Chips According to their Moveability

Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres
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Tier #2: If the Price is Right

Jesus Luzardo, who was recently named the “most likely” player to be traded at the deadline is the first player in this second tier. While the sudo-ace would likely yield a good return, the club must be wary not to move the starter without landing impact prospects in return.

Luzardo, who is still only 26 years old, is a valuable asset for any club, including the Marlins. He has a career 4.18 ERA. He has elite prospect pedigree. And he is under team control until 2026.

Miami would be foolish to move their young star for nothing less that a package that includes at least one MLB Top 100 prospect, preferably someone in the top 50. Two or three additional lower-end prospects should also be pursued in any package.

For what its worth, players like Braxton Garrett and Bryan De La Cruz also fit into this category to a lesser extent. The club should feel no pressure to move any of these assets. However, if the right deal came along, particularly something including a top-100 prospect, none should be untouchable.

In fact, former Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara could possibly sneak into their tier, should the right offer some along. Though this option likely stretches into the offseason rather than the tra deadline.

The Fish will be without their established ace for the full 2024 season as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately for the club, his contract balloons to $17.3 million in 2025.

The Marlins should by no means sell a player like Alcantara for anything less than full value. However, if a motivated contender comes along, Miami would be wise to listen.