Ranking the Miami Marlins Trade Chips According to their Moveability

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Tier #3: Blockbuster Only

There has been some in-season speculation that superstar Jazz Chisholm could also find himself in trade discussions at the trade deadline. Even considering this notion would be a bold move by Miami.

The franchise, who has recently been starved of needle-moving bats, would be hard pressed to trade a talent like Chisholm. The centerfielder is a former All-Star (who is on the fast track to his second All-Star nod in 2024). He is a legitimate 30 home run, 30 stolen base threat in any given season. He remains under team control through 2026. And he is still only 26 years old.

Yet, he should not be untouchable. For instance, if the Baltimore Orioles decided to solidify their infield by moving Jazz back to second place, they could hypothetically offer a package with multiple, high-upside, top 100 prospects. Clubs like the Royals, Reds, or even the Dodgers could compile similar packages.

Chisholm is a legitimate building block in 2024 and beyond. The only way dealing him makes sense is if Miami lands multiple pieces with the potential to make an on-field difference.

The Untouchable Assets

Recovering ace Eury Perez is likely the only player who should truly be kept off the trade block. While the Fish will be without his services as he recovers from elbow surgery, he is their single highest upside piece.

Otherwise, the club would also likely be wise to keep Edward Cabrera out of trade discussions. While the pitching prospect does have a high ceiling, a combination of control issues and poor play has his 2024 ERA inflated to an abysmal 7.17.

The Marlins are experts at developing young pitching. The best move with Cabrera is to continue working on his progression in-house, with hopes he can rebound as an asset. He should, under no circumstances, be traded for pennies on the dollar.