Sandy Alcantara makes history for the Miami Marlins

Sandy Alcantara
Sandy Alcantara / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

A historic night by the reigning NL Cy Young award winner. This means that any concerns about Sandy Alcantara have to be put away. The Miami Marlins have actual injuries to worry about instead. Sandy just tossed his fourth career shutout in just 100 pitches. This was a phenomenal performance by the best starting pitcher in the game. Let's take a larger look at the historic night that ended in a well-deserved 1-0 Miami Marlins win over the Minnesota Twins.

Sandy Alcantara is a Miami Marlins MVP

Before the season started, new Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker talked with Sandy Alcantara about his habit of finishing games and apparently decided to keep letting him do it. Schumaker did however promise to be "smart about it". Schumaker let Sandy finish the game as he didn't even get to 100 until the end. In fact he threw exactly 100 pitches and 68 of them were strikes. Overall, Sandy gave up a measly 3 hits and a walk in 9 innings, while adding 5 strikeouts.

This is the performance that proves to us who is in fact the best starting pitcher in the game. Sandy Alcantara had the highest WAR of any pitcher last season with 8.0. He now has a 1.84 ERA for the season and looks like he could end up doing the perhaps unexpected, and winning a second straight NL Cy Young award. Words can't describe how phenomenal Sandy really is. Starting pitchers don't even go all the way at this point!

The Miami Marlins got more out of it than just an amazing performance from Sandy Alcantara and a win. This evens up the home series against the Minnesota Twins, giving The Fish a chance to win the first season series, after a disappointing loss to the New York Mets. It's important for The Fish not to lose a second series in a row, and the team already lost the first game of the series. This meant that the team was going to Sandy Alcantara to save the series...and he did just that. He's the go-to guy and he proved that in this performance.

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