Should the Miami Marlins trade for Willy Adames?

Willy Adames
Willy Adames / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Willy Adames is potentially on the trade block. Should the Miami Marlins trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for him? The Fish have a need at SS and some crazy trades could be considered, but what about a more realistic one? Is trading for the free agent to be the answer to The Fish's SS issues? It's time to look more into that...

The Miami Marlins could acquire Willy Adames from the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Miami Marlins received terrible production from the SS position in 2023. Joey Wendle batted a dismal .212/.248/.306, with 2 home runs and 20 RBI in 112 games and 297 AB. It's obvious that The Fish need an upgrade. Jacob Amaya is available in the Minor Leagues, but he batted .222/.222/.222 in 4 games and 9 AB. It was a poor performance, but also in a short sample size. Is it possible that he can do better in a larger sample size?

Jacob Amaya batted .252/.345/.407 in 128 games and 484 AB in AAA this season. This is obviously much better than what he did in the Major Leagues, could he unlock that level in the Majors next season? He just might be worth a longer look.

The Miami Marlins however want more certainty, which can potentially be solved by acquiring Willy Adames from Milwaukee. With Adames hitting free agency after the season, it makes sense for them to move on from him, as the low-spending team may not extend him.

The Fish could use Willy Adames as an upgrade at SS, though the same free agency issue remains. I'm not so sure that extending him is a good idea due to his shortcomings. That said, he might not cost too much to acquire either. Adames batted .217/.310/.407 with 24 home runs and 80 RBI, in 149 games and 553 AB. The contact is clearly a serious issue, and tat could be quite a detriment for The Fish's lineup. Then again there's his power and the obvious upgrade at a position of need.

Should the Miami Marlins acquire Willy Adames? It's worth looking into at least and gauging the cost.

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