The direction that the Miami Marlins are likely going in is only slightly clear

The Fish seemingly have an unclear direction, let's take a look
Bruce Sherman
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The Miami Marlins are highly unlikely to return to the playoffs in 2024. The off-season was....odd with multiple non-moves that seemed obvious to make. There were moves made of course, but it seemed too little and too late. There are now managerial changes under discussion.... it's becoming unclear what the team is trying to do. What does the future hold?

The direction of the Miami Marlins is something to worry about.

It's not entirely clear what the Miami Marlins were planning for this season. The off-season was too quiet for a team actively trying to return to the playoffs. No multi-year deals were given out, no big trades done, no extensions.... I suspect that Sandy Alcantara being out for the season played a part in this.

I strongly suspect that Peter Bendix wanted to take things, slow to see what exactly the team has. That's often standard procedure for incoming executives. Sandy being out for the season, probably only convinced him further to avoid any big win-now moves.

The big question going through Miami Marlins X is the idea that there will be a rebuild. I don't see it. There are too many young controllable players that I can see the team building around. Sandy himself has an affordable extension, then there are starting pitchers Eury Perez and Max Meyer. There's also 3B Jake Burger.

Bruce Sherman seemingly wants Bendix to emulate the Tampa Bay Rays strategy, which is retooling with low payrolls and not rebuilding. The difference is not trading everyone, but only upcoming free agents and players that aren't locked up to long deals.

It certainly looks as if Skip Schumaker is being potentially used as a scapegoat of sorts, so that Bendix can bring in his own manager. that at least is what a lot of fans believe and it surely looks like. The team wasn't well set-up for this season and that's not Skip's fault. In fact, he's the reigning NL Manager of the Year.

If I had to guess, Bendix will prioritize building up the farm to contending in the short term. There won't be a rebuild, but there won't be any aggressive moves either. My only hope is that he knows what he's doing and that Bruce Sherman isn't limiting the budget too much.

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