The Miami Marlins are finally taking things seriously with this OF

Is it time to move on from RF Jesus Sanchez? Disciplining him is the first step
Jesus Sanchez
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Miami Marlins RF Jesus Sanchez is not having a great season. As The Fish are dealing with injuries and as there are questions about the direction of the team, there's a new focus on team effort. Sanchez seemed to exhibit a lack of effort during The Fish's loss to the Washington Nationals last night. That lack of effort has been punished by manager Skip Schumaker. What happened?

Miami Marlins RF Jesus Sanchez was disciplined for showing a lack of effort.

The corner OF has not been producing very well for the Miami Marlins. Jesus Sanchez has not been consistent or too productive throughout his time on The Fish. He debuted in 2020 and batted .040/.172/.080 with 0 home runs and 2 RBI, in 10 games and 25 AB. In 2021, he batted .251/.319/.489 with 14 home runs and 36 RBI, in 64 games and 227 AB. That was somewhat intriguing, so there were higher expectations for the following season.

In 2022, Jesus Sanchez batted .214/.280/.403 with 13 home runs and 36 RBI, in 98 games and 313 AB. Would he be able to actually improve in 2023? He batted .253/.327/.450 with 14 home runs and 52 RBI, in 125 games and 360 AB. That was better than the previous season's performance, giving some promise for the campaign this season.

This season has been largely a disaster for Jesus Sanchez, He is currently batting an abysmal .239/.282/.328, with 2 home runs and 10 RBI, in 24 games and 67 AB. That's "good" fo a -0.3 WAR. It's a really poor performance, that calls into question whether the 26 year old is really useful in The Fish's long-term plans.

The event that preceded this article was Sanchez taking too long to throw to second base, allowing Alex Call to stretch his single into a double. It made Skip Schumaker to remove him from the game as a consequence. I'm glad that he took that action, as lack of effort should always be punished. The bigger question is when will the Miami Marlins look for an upgrade in RF? Jesus Sanchez is clearly not the player for that role.

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