The Miami Marlins DH situation is getting worse...or is it?

Justin Turner
Justin Turner / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need a new designated hitter. Free agency is keeping Jorge Soler from coming back, as it seems that The Fish are not that interested in re-signing him. Today it was announced that the Toronto Blue Jays signed Justin Turner for 1 year/$13 million. How does this affect the Miami Marlins?

Is Toronto signing Justin Turner improving the Miami Marlins' chances of upgrading at DH?

The Miami Marlins didn't offer Jorge Soler a QO after he declined his player option and watched him hit free agency. Reports emerged that The Fish are seemingly not interested in re-signing him, at least he hasn't been contacted about a new contract so far. Toronto was heavily linked to Soler almost all of the off-season, but now that they signed Justin Turner, thy should be out on Soler.

The reason why this matters, is that it clears out one more team from pursuing Jorge Soler, and J.D. Martinez as well for that matter. The list of teams without set DH's is very small. The New York Mets don't really seem to have one, but with their prospects and Starling Marte's health, they may not want to sign a full-time DH. The Oakland Athletics won't spend and the San Francisco Giants are in a similar position to the Mets. The Chicago Cubs are questionable, but could use the DH spot for Christopher Morel.

The Tampa Bay Rays typically mix and match and the Boston Red Sox will likely just go with Masataka Yoshida as their new DH. The Texas Rangers come to mind, but with their own prospects and money saving this off-season, I don't see it happening. It seems that the main team likely to still sign a DH is the Los Angeles Angels. They're unlikely to sign both JDM and Soler, so one of them will have to sign someone else.

It's still possible that the Miami Marlins may pivot and bring Jorge Soler back. Would signing J.D. Martinez be possible if his market keeps falling? It's possible that another team can still get in on either player. It also would be interesting to know if The Fish were in on Justin Turner, or if $13 million was too much for the team to give on a one-year contract. I do hope that The Fish make an effort to sign a new DH.

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