The Miami Marlins found a hidden gem for the rotation

Roddery Munoz is having an amazing debut for The Fish
Roddery Munoz
Roddery Munoz / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Peter Bendix is not the most popular member of the Miami Marlins organization these days. He's been getting blame from the fans for how this season is going. That said, his so-called "Tampa way" plan may finally be showing some signs of fruition. I'm of course talking about Roddery Munoz and his start last night. Bendix basically got him for nothing from the Pittsburgh Pirates in December for cash.

Roddery Munoz is turning into a hidden gem for the Miami Marlins.

It's pretty clear that The Fish's strength comes from starting pitching. There's an old saying that "you can never have enough pitching". That couldn't be more obvious with all of the injuries that the Miami Marlins have experienced this season. Roddery Munoz may be yet another potentially good starting pitcher for The Fish's future.

Munoz was dominant against the Colorado Rockies last night. He pitched 6 innings, giving up 3 hits, 2 walks and a run. He also accumulated 7 strikeouts. This was a very good start and a very promising one to say the least. You now have to wonder if he can continue this type of performances going forward.

The 24 year old has pitched in 2 games this season. He produced a 2.45 ERA/3.77 FIP, with 11.5 K/9 and 2.5 BB/9. I don't have to point out how good that looks. An elite ERA, an elite K/9, a strong BB/9 and only an average FIP. This is so promising, that I can't help but get excited even just writing this.

I have to admit of course that this is a very small sample size. It's definitely possible that Munoz's stats will decline in his later starts. I of course hope not, but you can't ignore the FIP. You also can't ignore the well above average and unsustainable .136 BABIP. There's just no way that he can keep that up for the entire season.

Roddery Munoz has been a tremendous find for Peter Bendix for the Miami Marlins. If he keeps this up, he's a definite gem. A gem that's under team control for the rest of the decade.

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