Peter Bendix of the Miami Marlins finally reveals his thoughts and plans

The Fish are going through the worst season start in team history
Peter Bendix
Peter Bendix / Rich Storry/GettyImages

This has been a season that can be considered a disaster for the Miami Marlins. Injuries haven't been helping matters, but it seems that off-season mistakes and underperformance are perhaps even bigger issues. All of it ultimately falls on the PBO Peter Bendix and the owner Bruce Sherman. Bendix has just spoken with Craig Mish of the Miami Herald to answer some pressing questions.

What does Peter Bendix have to say about the Miami Marlins this season and gong forward?

Peter Bendix was hired to improve the farm system that declined so much in recent years. He admitted to being disappointed with the team's start (what a surprise right?), but believes that the team will get better. I agree that the team shouldn't be this bad, but part of it is the bullpen not being improved, along with the lineup.

Mish asked Bendix about not making that many moves in the off-season, but Bendix just repeated that he expects the team to do better. He did say that he was looking at improvements in free agency, but didn't explain why Tim Anderson was really the only one made. He couldn't sign any relief pitchers better than the mess on the team now?

In a very interesting comment, Bendix claimed that he was looking at trades, but didn't see any moves that he liked. He said that there were no offers that he thought were good enough for the team to make. That could be true, though that only makes the lack of free agent signings more incomprehensible.

Mish asked Bendix if Bruce Sherman put him under any financial constraints and Bendix denied it. He said that Sherman has given him every resource that he asked for, and that they made investments that will pay off in the future. It's interesting however that if you read his answer more closely, you see that Bendix never really answered the question. He said that he was given everything that he asked for, but he didn't say if he was given a specific budget. You have to believe that he didn't have an unlimited one and asking for minor investments is different to major ones.

Mish asked him about players who he sees as "foundational pieces" and players who he considered trading. Remarkably, Bendix didn't answer any of this, getting away with generalized answers that didn't really answer the questions. He did however specify "sustained success" and promising that he wants to deliver that. I hope that he's being truthful about that last part, and that sustained success is indeed a goal that will come into being.

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