The Miami Marlins may have new trading partners after an injury

Jordan Westburg
Jordan Westburg / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

The Baltimore Orioles received some terrible news recently. Breakout starting pitcher Kyle Bradish has a UCL sprain and may require Tommy John Surgery. There's always a chance that he can avoid it, but sadly I wouldn't expect that. This might push Baltimore to look for an arm to replace him. The Miami Marlins have been in talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates, could talks with Baltimore be next? It certainly looks like it.

The Miami Marlins could acquire a SS in a hypothetical trade with the Baltimore Orioles.

The Fish have been searching for SS help seemingly all off-season. Baltimore is heavy in young infielders such as top 3B prospect Coby Mayo (who might be able to move to SS); 3B Jordan Westburg and of course SS Gunnar Henderson (who isn't available most likely). Assuming that Henderson and top SS prospect Jackson Holliday are off the table, could a trade for Mayo or Westburg make sense?

Baltimore will surely want more rotation certainty if Kyle Bradish goes down with TJS. New ace Corbin Burnes is hitting the free agent market next off-season and will surely be out of Baltimore's price range. Of course that can all change under new team ownership, but Burnes can still sign with a different team. If Burnes leaves and Bradish is recovering from TJS, this severely cripples Baltimore's rotation.

The other issue facing Baltimore is that it makes simple sense to turn their IF logjam into more useful pieces. Would they be interested in starting pitched Edward Cabrera? Cabrera has elite strikeout potential, but lacks the control of a true ace. Perhaps some work on his mechanics can make the difference? I certainly like those chances and Baltimore might too.

Reports do state that Baltimore is interested in Jesus Luzardo. I would imagien that this would require them parting with a better player. Jackson Holliday has to be the target on the Miami Marlins side in that case. I don't see any reason why The Fish should settle for anything less than that. The big question is can the sides agree?

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