The Miami Marlins should not do this rumored move...

Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need SS help and are currently working on improving at DH. There is however a reported new SS target. Who is the target? None other than former San Francisco Giants star SS Brandon Crawford. Despite this being a weak free agent market, especially for middle infielders, Crawford hardly seems like an upgrade for eve internal options. I would rather give Jacob Amaya the starting job, rather than signing him.

Why the Miami Marlins should not sign Brandon Crawford to play SS in 2024.

Brandon Crawford has played his entire career for the San Francisco Giants so far. He's been playing for the team since 2011, but is not expectd to return for the 2024 season, as the team is reportedly moving on from him. It makes sense considering he was worth an abysmal -1.3 WAR in 2023. He batted .194/.273/.314, with 7 home runs and 38 RBI, in 93 games and 283 AB.

The 37 year old wasn't even good in 2022, when he batted .231/.308/.344, with 9 home runs and 52 RBI in 118 games and 407 AB. He was worth 0.6 WAR for that performance. That's now two poor performances for two seasons in a row. It's hard to see much of a positive, when he's going to be 37 years old this entire season.

The only positive for Brandon Crawford is that he had his best season back in 2021. That season he batted .298/.373/.522, with 24 home runs and 90 RBI in 138 games and 483 AB. He was worth 6.1 WAR for that performance. His two best seasons otherwise were his 5.8 WAR performance in 2015 and his 5.5 WAR performance in 2016. In 2015, he batted .256/.321/.462, with 21 home runs and 84 RBI, in 143 games and 507 AB. He didn't even get close to 20 home runs in 2016.

Brandon Crawford put up great defensive WAR's in both 2015 and 2016, with 3.2 and 3.4. His dWAR declined from 1.3 in 2021, to 0.1 in 2022, and finally -0.9 in 2023. I can't possibly trust him to be much better in 2024. He's a terrible option for the Miami Marlins.

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