The NL All-Star Game roster is out and it's not good for the Marlins

Tanner Scott
Tanner Scott / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The All-Star Game is not a good thing this year for the Miami Marlins. I certainly expected Ryan Weathers to make the team as every team gets representatives. It wouldn't be through a vote, but at least it would be deserving. We now know the complete roster for the NL team. How does it look?

The Miami Marlins are not well represented at the 2024 All-Star Game.

Milwaukee Brewers C William Contreras will start at catcher. The Philadelphia Phillies have three starters in the NL lineup. Bryce Harper will come back from injury in time to take over first base. Alec Bohm takes over at third base and Trea Turner will start at SS. Ketel Marte from the Arizona Diamondbacks is now at second base. LF Jurickson Profar from the San Diego Padres, his teammate RF Fernando Tatis Jr. and Brewers LF Christian Yelich are going to start in the OF. The DH? Obviously Los Angels Dodgers superstar Shohei Ohtani.

The above players have all been chosen by the fans. I'll get it out of the way, but I'm not a fan of the All-Star Game. I think that it's pointless to have two one-time meaningless teams representing a "league" in a rivalry that doesn't exist anymore. I also see it as a popularity contest, while some are deserving picks, not all are.

In fact, there are no Miami Marlins players in the lineup or the bench. Looking at the pitching staff, Los Angeles Dodgers SP Tyler Glasnow and Philadelphia Phillies ace Zack Wheeler are candidates to start the game. They'll all get some innings, as All-Star starters really only get a few innings, maybe even just one. Atlanta Braves SP Chris Sale will also be one of the SP's involved in the mix.

The only Marlins player that ended up selected to the team is likely to be traded closer Tanner Scott. He should still be a member of the team by the game, but it's sad to see CF Jazz Chisholm Jr. not even get picked for the bench. I'm not a fan of the vote and I don't like the team that we ended up with.

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