The top prospect list is updated once again and includes some Marlins

Max Meyer
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It seems MLB has updated the top 100 prospects list yet again. Remember the last update? Well, let's see what the changes are. At least that's better than focusing on this disappointing Fish season. Did the Miami Marlins farm get more prospects on the top 100? Are you ready to find out the answer to this question?

The Miami Marlins farm system is a work in progress.

There are actually some good news for the Miami Marlins this time around. SP Max Meyer is still on the top 100 list at #82. Meyer should be higher considering he's already a success in the Major Leagues. Prior to his demotion, he delivered a 2.12 ERA/3.75 FIP, with 7.4 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9 in 3 games and 17.0 innings pitched. He's been worth 0.8 WAR and will hopefully be back up in the Majors sooner rather than later.

The big story for The Fish is the #58 prospect LHP Thomas White. White jumped a whole 27 points from the #85 spot! This is major news as White is also one of the team's top prospects. He struck out 78 batters in 56 innings. That's very impressive, and makes me believe that he can eventually be a good starter at the Major League level.

Will Thomas White be up to the Majors soon? Sadly no, as he won't be up until the 2027 season. That is his current ETA. The top prospect on the team is #41 RHP Noble Meyer. Meyer is sadly a long way to go from the Majors too. His current ETA is 2026, so just like with White, he won't be in the Majors for quite some time.

How about The Fish's division rivals? Atlanta Braves RHP Spencer Schwellenbach is now on the list at #97. The New York Mets also have a new entrant in RHP Brandon Strout at #98. Speaking of the Mets, middle IF Luisangel Acuna dropped from #75 to #93. The Atlanta Braves also saw RHP AJ Smith-Shawver from #54 to #68. The biggest dropper was Philadelphia Phillies RHP Mick Abel, who dropped from #58 all the way to #94.

It does seem like the Miami Marlins farm system improved, let's hope that the direction of the team is indeed going up.

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