Update on the Miami Marlins SS situation might upset you

Adalberto Mondesi
Adalberto Mondesi / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need a SS and there's some intriguing ones to pursue... with Spring Training around the corner, what can The Fish still do? We heard about The Fish's SS options and some reported new ones. Time seems to be running out, so who is going to be the team's SS in 2024? It's time to analyze that...

Acquiring a SS is still a major issue for the Miami Marlins and it's not looking good.

As the linked two reports say, the Miami Marlins are interested in the available free agent SS options, though that isn't a very appealing list. The most popular target has been Tim Anderson. Anderson batted .318/.347/.474 from 2019 to 2022 with the Chicago White Sox. He batted just .245/286/.296 in 2023. Assuming he can bounce back in 2024, he might be a bargain. It might be a big "if" however and there hasn't been many news about him this off-season.

A similar top option is Amed Rosario. Amed batted .263/.305/.378 for the Cleveland Guardians and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He's also not known to be good defensively at SS, which is a serious issue if it also comes with a weak offensive line. Another option is perhaps surprisingly Nick Ahmed. Ahmed batted .212/.257/.303 in 72 games and 198 AB. He was worth -0.1 WAR.

It's unclear why Nick Ahmed is better than the internal options such as Jacob Amaya. Another reported target is the oft-injured Adalberto Mondesi. Mondesi is a career .244/.280/.408 hitter, who batted .140/.204/.140 in 15 games and 50 AB. In his 7 year Major League career, Mondesi has not been able to play longer than 102 games in 2019.

Another reported target is Luis Rengifo. He batted .264/.339/.444 in 126 games and 394 AB, but he didn't even play in 40 games at the position in 2023. I'm wondering why there are no reports about the Miami Marlins pursuing Willy Adames or any other higher end SS options.

The Miami Marlins need a SS, but so far things are not looking very optimistic on that end.