Various Miami Marlins news: Max Meyer, JDM

Notes on Miami Marlins pitchers and free agent targets
Max Meyer
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Are there any news on the Miami Marlins pursuing a new DH? How about the returning injured pitchers? Yes, there are some news to explore. By the way, don't forget to get to know the team's new SS, it's well worth a read. Let's get into it...

There are news on Miami Marlins pitchers and free agent targets.

It's no secret that Miami Marlins Twitter (well, actually X) wants J.D. Martinez on the team. The Fish did reach out to J.D. recently, but apparently weren't willing to pay the price, or sign him for a two-year deal. We have more news on the slugger now. It appears that the Los Angeles Angels and the New Yok Mets are the frontrunners for his services.

I don't see Martinez as a good fit for either team, the Angels need to rest some of their injury-prone veterans such as CF Mike Trout and 3B Anthony Rendon. The Mets want to give their young players more of a chance, and would like to save money in a season in which they aren't contending. It does seem that the higher-spending teams are more likely to sign Martinez at this point. Let's hope that he still ends up home in Miami.

In other news, Max Meyer is not going to make the team's rotation. It wasn't that surprising and he will almost certainly make it to the Major League team at some point this season. In case you're wondering, Meyer actually wasn't bad in Spring Training. He produced a 0.00 ERA, with 5 strikeouts and a walk in 3 innings and 7.0 innings pitched. He pitched as a reliever, but will get starts at some point this year.

There's no room in the rotation for Max Meyer at this point, but there will be time at some point. Hopefully that opportunity won't be presented to Meyer due to other pitcher's injuries, but because of his performance in the Minors. It makes sense to give him some time to get himself back to his former top prospect form. This isn't bad news, unlike the J.D. Martinez news.

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