Who will the Miami Marlins trade at the trade deadline?

Patrick Monteverde
Patrick Monteverde / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are now 0.5 games out of the final National League Wild Card spot. Things are looking bad after the recent six game losing streak. Can The Fish turn things around? I think so. It does depend on the trades that Kim Ng will do at the Trade Deadline. Owner Bruce Sherman promised to give her all of the resources that she needs. I already talked about some options, and even covered some potential big splashes. Which prospects can be dealt?

The Miami Marlins are looking ahead to the Trade Deadline.

The above linked MLB.com article has some interesting prospects on their list. It also makes sense to quickly look at The Fish's NL East competition (minus Washington of course). The Atlanta Braves are projected to move RHP Spencer Schwellenbach. Their #6 prospect is in High-A and has a nice repertoire of pitches. The downside is that he's coming off of Tommy John surgery.

The New York Mets are highly unlikely to make it to the playoffs, despite their recent winning streak. They could potentially move their #5 prospect RHP Blake Tidwell. Tidwell is in his first professional season in High-A. He has intriguing stuff but does have control issues. This all depends on if the Mets actually get into playoff contention again.

Speaking of pitching prospects with control issues... the Philadelphia Phillies have RHP Griff McGarry (their #4 prospect). They could attempt to trade him for corner OF and pitching help. I'm definitely curious to see if he can land them the help that they need.

What about the Miami Marlins? LHP Patrick Monteverde has been suggested as an option for The Fish to move. Monteverde is the #28 prospect in the team's system. He has a 1.91 ERA and struck out 87 in 80 innings pitched at the Double A level. He has an 89-92 mph fastball and a low 80's changeup. He gets the strikeouts but doesn't have a very impressive fastball velocity. I do see him as a potential trade chip.

Will any of these prospects actually get traded? It's possible, but it's also just guesswork. The Trade Deadline is coming and there's definite excitement for the Miami Marlins to improve.

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