Will the Miami Marlins acquire a CF after-all?

Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The latest MLB The Show 2023 cover athlete, Jazz Chisholm Jr. is the new Miami Marlins CF. The surprising position change from second base, has a lot of people wondering if this is going to negatively affect the defense. It also was perhaps surprising to see The Fish ignore the acquisition of even defensive insurance options. Aare The Fish really serious about this? Is there any chance that a move for someone like the Pittsburgh Pirates' Bryan Reynolds actually happens?

The Miami Marlins won't be acquiring any new starting CF's.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. asked to play CF himself. He wants to play the position and is athletic enough to do it very well. I'll go out on a limb here and say that he's definitely going to be better than any of the other options currently on the roster. I don't think that Jazz would've offered to play the position if he didn't think that he could do it well. I also don't think that he'll be so bad that our other options will look better in comparison.

Is there a possibility that the Miami Marlins are still looking at other options? I really don't think so. Why would Kim Ng do that? There are no more starting pitchers that are that expendable to trade, and I don't see her wanting to deplete that farm system. I'm pretty confident in saying that I just don't think that there's anyone that Kim Ng wants to trade. What about Bryan Reynolds? Is there a chance Pittsburgh finally trades their disgruntled star? Not as long as the price is still this high.

No team is willing to empty out the top of their farm for a bad defensive CF who batted .262/.345/.461 last season. Bryan Reynolds is a good player and would improve any team, but he's not a superstar, he's not a middle of the order bat on a good team and he's not a real CF. He's a corner OF who plays CF. There's a reason why no team is willing to pay thaeir price for him. Give Jazz Chisholm Jr. a chance as the Miami Marlins CF. I know that he won't disappoint.

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